This startling blood sugar breakthrough
has NOTHING to do with insulin
OR your pancreas

One doctor’s discovery PROVES we may have been looking in the wrong place all along... And your body's own safety mechanism is why your current blood sugar solution may be selling you short

Dear Fed-up Friend,

I have some really exciting news for you - a breakthrough in blood sugar science that no one saw coming.

So, if you’re bending over backwards to “hit your numbers” at your annual checkup… you’ve given up every delectable sweet… you’re pounding the pavement, sweating in the gym, taking your vitamins and still not getting the results you want…

Get ready to sigh with sweet relief!

You see, up until now, nearly every blood sugar solution under the sun - old, new, natural or otherwise - targets your pancreas and/or the insulin receptors in your body.

But new research shows that targeting only the pancreas to conquer blood sugar is like trying to extinguish a forest fire with a glass of water.

One renowned doctor knows why.

And he has uncovered the answer to a question that no other doctor has even thought to ask.

You see, what few people realise is that…

Your liver hides a dangerous secret that could
be crushing your blood sugar efforts

You see, before modern farming, refrigeration and, well, the convenience of grocery stores, it wasn’t unusual to go days, even weeks without food.

That’s why your body has a safety mechanism.

It was actually designed to prepare for times when food is scarce, by tucking away “emergency” sugar supplies to use for energy.

And this “emergency supply” of sugar is stored in your liver.

Here’s the catch - your liver has no idea that you live a few minutes from the nearest grocery store…

That you have a fridge full of food…

And that chances are pretty slim you’ll ever go days (much less weeks) without food.

So that stored up sugar just sits in your liver, creating fat… jacking up your triglyceride levels… and wreaking havoc on your entire body.

Add to that the fact that just 200 years ago, the average person ate 2.9 kilos of sugar in a year… while today’s average person consumes over 45 KILOS!

Your liver doesn’t realise this either. So it just keeps doing its job… storing away sugar… “just in case.”

What’s scary is, no one’s talking about it.

This indisputable FACT could be crushing your blood sugar efforts… standing in the way of true success… and putting your health at stake as you read this letter.

But one doctor knows your liver’s dangerous secret
AND he’s doing something about it.

Hi, my name is Antoinette Pombo.

And I have some fantastic news and proof that supporting healthy sugar levels can be easy. And I can’t wait to see how ecstatic you are over the results. Because once you learn the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’ll see how easy it is to…

Finally keep 
POWER over your sugar levels

  • Feel energy, strength and CONFIDENCE, knowing your blood-sugar efforts aren’t going to waste.
  • See the staggering results from your diet and workout routine… that will have you asking “why was this so hard again?”
  • Beam with absolute PRIDE when your wife, your daughter, or your best friend remarks, “I can’t believe how WELL you’re doing!”

But most importantly, you can finally see…

Keeping control of your blood sugar
is NOT rocket science!

Four years ago, I met a man whose passion is centered around making health easy.

He’s a celebrated doctor - and he’s brilliant.

But unlike many doctors - he’ll never talk over your head…

Dr Fred Pescatore makes your health simple - no matter how complex the issue.

And when it comes to blood-sugar health, Dr Pescatore is ahead of most researchers and doctors in realising one bold fact…

Your liver is a giant sponge…
and it may be saturated with sugar

And not addressing it is sabotaging your every effort.

When you think about your sugar support - I’m sure blood sugar is the first thing to come to mind. And it’s true - the amount of sugar floating in your blood is critical to sugar support.

But what most people never realise is...

There’s a critical FLIP-SIDE to maintaining 
healthy blood-sugar levels—
and doctors are ignoring it!

Dr Pescatore is obsessed with sugar science (skim through one of his best-selling books on the topic and you’ll see just what I mean).

So while attending one of the world’s most premier natural breakthrough events - Dr Pescatore was on the hunt for the white whale of blood-sugar supporters.

The breakthrough that could finally address a long-ignored element to complete blood-sugar control.

One private conversation with an exclusive supplier - and he bagged it.

It’s an unheard-of breakthrough in sugar science that specifically addresses your liver’s role in blood sugar control.

As a doctor driven to make life-long health easy for his patients, he thinks this one breakthrough changes everything.

What’s the difference?

Your body needs sugar for energy. So much so, it secretly stows sugar aside for the times when food isn’t readily available.

When you sleep, when you’re hungry, or God forbid, if you’re ever stranded without food - your liver hangs onto a secret stockpile of sugar to slowly release into the blood until you’re able to eat.

The body is truly a marvel - but there’s a problem.

We rarely, if ever, go without food today.

Even worse - 200 years ago, the average person ate just 1 Kilo of sugar a year. Today, the average person consumes almost 69 KILOS OF SUGAR A YEAR.

Over 59 million people need help - 
Isn’t there anything we can do?

Are you tired more often than you’d like?

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight?

Does it seem like no matter what you do, you’re struggling to hold on to healthy blood sugar?

Recent revelations in blood sugar science are shining a spotlight on a new, very important player - your liver.

The truth is - your liver has a secret.

For years, every time you overeat, have a second helping or double-down on dessert - your liver stows away sugar.

Why? It thinks it’s helping - literally setting that sugar aside in case you need it. It’s a brilliant function - but in our current culture - it’s quickly become outdated.

Stowaway sugar can build around your liver, turn into fat and send your cholesterol levels sky-high.

It’s secret, it’s quiet and it can run amok without you ever knowing.

But there’s finally help. Dr Pescatore has discovered the MISSING PIECE DISCOVERY to helping protect you and your liver.

For COMPLETE blood sugar support
like never before -
Experience the science behind
FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus!

So what happens? CATASTROPHE

Simply put - a critical responsibility for your liver is to take sugar from the blood stream, metabolise it and “stow it away” for later use. Without that process…

• Sugar STAYS in the blood stream...
• Bad cholesterol levels can skyrocket along with heart-stressing triglycerides…
• This breakdown can lead to a layer of dangerous fat forming around your liver and…

Over 59 Million people might be suffering at this very moment

And 90% of those dealing with this hidden issue have at least one or more of the tell-tale signs of sugar trouble.

All in all…

This is…
preventing you from real sugar success!

Just think…

You’re working your tail off - but the whole time a giant roadblock is sabotaging your efforts!

Does this mean you’re doomed to day-after-day disappointment? Is it really going to be this hard from here on out?

Dr Pescatore is putting the final missing piece into the blood-sugar puzzle with a BRAND NEW sugar science breakthrough.


You won’t believe the RE-DEFINING difference 
this will have on your day…
Confidence, relief, and the hope you need
to finally keep healthy blood sugar!

How fantastic would that feel?

Dr Pescatore is practically jumping out of his chair to reveal his newest revelation for sugar science.

And it’s called FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

Why is this different from everything you’ve ever tried? Because this is true START-TO FINISH blood-sugar support.


Doctors - even those with the best of intentions… Blood-sugar supplements - no matter how long their ingredient list. And… Friends and family - it doesn’t matter how much they claim to know… Always think sugar support is solely about blood glucose, or the sugar circulating through your body.

Now YOU know there’s a gigantic missing piece!

And FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is snapping this missing piece into place with a revolutionary secret.

  Yes! I want to experience
COMPLETE CONTROL of my blood sugar

The Scandinavian Secret to 
True Sugar Success!

Are you ready to simplify your battle against sugar?

Look no further than a simple tree, more revered in Scandinavian mythology than anywhere else on the planet, holding a breathtaking surprise.

It was once considered the very centre of the world. Its trunk propping up the Earth’s crust, its canopy forming the sky and every stream and river rushing to water its roots.

The ash tree was worshiped.

Now - NEW science from preliminary animal and human studies is breathing fresh life into the ash tree’s legend.

Why? The seeds from the ash tree fruit can affect your liver’s hidden stash of sugar in ways never thought possible.

How is it so powerful? By…

  • Helping to escort sugar safely from your blood and into your liver and muscle cells…
  • Nurturing, and supporting liver function on a long-term basis and…
  • Unleashing an IMMEDIATE effect on post-meal blood glucose concentration…

Let that sink in - 
Complete, FAST, powerful sugar support…
(with all the research to show it!)

This FINALLY tackles the “missing piece” of sugar support - and it has nothing to do with insulin… insulin receptors… or your pancreas.

IF you’re stuck behind a blood-sugar ROAD BLOCK

IF you’re tired of sticking to your diet, dodging the sweets and STILL not seeing real results, and especially…

IF you think blood-sugar support is a losing battle

You MUST experience the centrepiece behind Dr Pescatore’s…

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

When we say “Plus,” we mean it.

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is the combination of three recent revelations in blood-sugar science.

Each one is more powerful than anything you’ve tried before - and together, they redefine what you can expect from natural sugar support.

And it all starts with the MISSING PIECE DISCOVERY found at the centre of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

This discovery goes not one - but two steps above and beyond other blood-sugar supporters available to you today.

In total, it’s a…

One-two-THREE way method for complete blood-sugar protection

The cutting-edge centrepiece to this formula is Glucevia™.

What you’re about to discover is more exclusive than an Oval Office cocktail party.

It’s nearly more advanced than anything you’ll hear about at an Apple press conference.

And when Dr Pescatore first saw its power for himself, he immediately thought…

“I’m going to create my most advanced formula yet with this breakthrough...”

But it wasn’t easy.

Glucevia is the only available extract derived exclusively from the seeds and fruits of the Scandinavian ash tree.

That’s right - the only one in existence. But Dr Pescatore was willing to go to the ends of the earth to secure it for you as part of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

And that’s just what he’s done - but there’s even better news.

You see, unlike dozens of other “blood-sugar breakthroughs…”

  Yes! I want to experience
COMPLETE CONTROL of my blood sugar

Glucevia has gone through the “SCIENTIFIC RINGER”
and continues to WOW scientists at every stage!

With several years of in-depth scientific research and centuries’ worth of established-use in European countries - this ash tree extract demanded to be called up to the big leagues.

And it all but walloped a grand slam with its first at-bat.

Starting in 2009, the manufacturer of Glucevia ran the gamut of in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies.

Like a juggernaut bashing through blood-sugar road blocks - the missing piece discovery DID NOT disappoint.

Just take a look at these stats.

PROOF: A small human trial showed 1,000 mg has an immediate effect on postprandial blood glucose concentration.

FACT:  22 Healthy volunteers receiving 1,000 mg of Glucevia per day for 3 weeks experienced a 28% reduction in postprandial glucose versus a baseline!

CONFIRMED: Glucevia is SAFE for helping to support glycaemia on a long-term basis, as was demonstrated by a 7-week, randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled study!

And about that STOWAWAY SUGAR

Pre-clinical in vivo animal studies show that Glucevia significantly reduces fat surrounding the liver (a result of the liver not being able to stow away sugar) in overweight animals..

This means your liver could remain in a healthier state - better able to metabolise glucose and perform its daily functions!

Now we’re ripping down blood-sugar road blocks!

And since all of this breathtaking science is based on 1,000 mg of this Missing Piece Discovery - that’s exactly what you get in every dose of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

Nothing is overlooked, nothing is spared and 
nothing is left on the cutting-room floor

Once Dr Pescatore realised he had the Missing Piece in his hand…

He wasn’t going to stop until FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus became the NEW touchstone for successful blood-sugar support.

It’s time to think outside of the blood-sugar box - 
Once you do - you’ll NEVER go back

The old guard is moving on - and you know what? They didn’t do a half bad job.

Around fifteen years ago, natural blood-sugar protectors rushed onto the scene and if you needed it - maybe they helped you a little.

But man-alive, things are interesting in “sugar science” these days and there’s just no room for the old guard in your kitchen cabinet anymore.

The MISSING PIECE DISCOVERY is just the beginning. Dr Pescatore is making FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus the most innovative blood-sugar supporter available today by including…

No one has time to settle for a 
“SO-SO” sugar supporter anymore!

Where’s the cavalry?

For decades natural blood sugar help has been stuck in neutral. Everyone is waiting for the scientific horse power to click in and propel blood sugar support over the hill.

Researchers are learning more about how the body distributes sugar every day, but natural medicine can’t keep up...

Until now.

GluceviaBenfotiamine, and Mulberry Leaf Extract is the cavalry we’ve been waiting for.

Each one addresses a specific revelation in blood sugar science...

Liver’s role in sugar distribution…
Sugar transport into cells…
Bioavailability enhancement…
Starch and sugar absorption within the intestines…

And that’s just the beginning. If you’ve tried chromium, cinnamon, barberine and more- and want to experience the REAL blood sugar breakthrough…

ore blood-sugar revelations? 
The UP-and-COMER sensation dismantling 
sugar’s tricks at every step!

This secret is special - in a very satisfying way.

Have you ever played checkers with someone clearly better than you? You slide a piece here - they block you. You move a piece there -trapped again. It gets to the point where every move you make is going to result in losing a checker.

Now imagine turning the tables on blood sugar in the same way.

You could think of it as “revenge” against bullying blood sugar.

Excess sugar is full of tricks. Over long periods of time, exposure to sugar wreaks havoc on human tissue.

It sits, settles in and creates a new molecule called, advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

AGE’s are like bulls in a china shop - scraping, bashing and ripping most human tissue they come into contact with.

But could you…
Dismantle this deadly trick?

There’s new hope.

What do European physicians use to combat this sinister sugar tactic?

supercharged form of the B-vitamin, thiamine.

The esteemed Journal of Biological Chemistry first broke the news…

“Thiamine has been shown to “interfere” with the production of AGE’s.”

With every pathway, this nerve-protecting B-vitamin steps in to try and block the production of AGE’s before they start.

Talk about SMART. This means you can help protect the health of…

Your nerves…
Your eyes…
Your kidneys…

Simply put - “advanced” is the ONLY way to describe it.

But what if we could take thiamine’s ability…

  Yes! I want to experience
COMPLETE CONTROL of my blood sugar

And CRANK IT UP by over 300%!

Dr Pescatore is not going to settle for “okay…”

If you want to be the catalyst, the spark, the inspiration behind a new generation of blood-sugar supporters...

You have to clear the table - and bring something better.

Thiamine is great, but here’s the catch. It’s water soluble, meaning it doesn’t stick around in your body all that long, and most of it never reaches your cells.

It’s simply not good enough. But Dr Pescatore knew of a better answer...

It’s called, benfotiamine.

This is how you truly help…

Keep your vision sharp…
Protect your precious kidneys and…
Armor your liver so it stays healthy...

Even in the face of a sugar surge!

(Not to mention how it supports your heart and every nerve in your body).

What sets this apart from everything else before it?

Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble form of thiamine (and in every way superior).

It hangs around in your body - and the longer it hangs, the more chances your cells have to gobble it up.

Once that happens - bring on the AGE’s - because you’re better protected.

But take a look for yourself…

Researchers at the Friedrich Chiller University in Germany pitted three different thiamine preparations against one another.

Healthy volunteers took 100mg of benfotiamine, thiamine disulfide, or fursultiamin (a thiamine derivative).

What happened next absolutely “cleared the table…”


• Appeared faster and earlier in blood…
• Displayed significantly increased bioavailability and in a follow up study…
• SLAMMED other forms of thiamine with a 320% increase in total 24-hour tissue exposure!

And at the end of the day, further testing showed benfotiamine increased cellular content of thiamine better than all the rest, proving…

THIS is truly the “top dog” of AGE busters

Knowing these results, how can any doctor hoping to change the blood-sugar landscape ignore using benfotiamine to its fullest potential?

Dr Pescatore can’t and won’t. With FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus - he’s looking to change blood-sugar health forever and so every dose provides your body (and cells!) with…

150mg of the TOP-DOG AGE buster - benfotiamine.

You’re well on your way to…
Making sugar support EASY

Even with two of the most dazzling blood-sugar revelations in modern medicine secured - Dr Pescatore is not finished.

Given ALL of the weapons this next breakthrough has at its disposal - it’s no wonder Dr Pescatore refers to it as…

The “SWISS ARMY KNIFE” secret 
no blood-sugar formula should be without…

Talk about overachieving - this next secret has 3 different ways to help protect you from sugar.

Of all its blood-sugar tactics, the biggest reason I personally find it so revolutionary is…

Swiss Army Secret #1: 
It knows, from time to time, you’re going to slip.

And the third breakthrough found in FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus has a trick to help.

Mulberry leaf extract can actually fool the body into absorbing less sugar!

Like a high-tech Mission: Impossible disguise - this extract distracts the enzymes in your intestine responsible for turning starch into sugar.

Animal studies have shown these enzymes are “tricked” by the active compound in mulberry, called DNJ. Meanwhile - more starch is able to safely pass through your intestine with less of it being absorbed and turned into sugar.

Pretty sneaky, right? Dr Pescatore thinks it’s pretty ingenious.

Swiss Army Secret #2
Shuttle that sugar!

Imagine excess sugar as a group of 1st graders during recess.

It’s rowdy, it’s unwieldy, and it’s certainly not going to go back into the classroom without a fight.

Just like every elementary school needs a stern teacher, your body needs disciplined help to push sugar into cells and out of the blood stream.

By stimulating a cellular transporter called, GLUT4, mulberry leaf extract appears to do just that.

In fact, a laboratory study reviewed in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine reveals mulberry leaf extract could increase glucose uptake in cells by as much as 54%!

Swiss Army Secret #3
different way to help your liver

Mulberry leaf extract has been shown in animal studies to help your body reduce the production of glucose from within the liver.

It’s added back-up for the Missing Piece Discovery.

Not to mention high doses of mulberry has been shown to help promote healthier LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise protective HDL cholesterol levels all at once!

And every dose of the NEW FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus contains 200mg of mulberry to help protect your body from excess sugar - by 3 different means.

It’s the perfect finale for what will soon be known as…the blood-sugar formula that finally made it easy!

  Yes! I want to experience
COMPLETE CONTROL of my blood sugar


Can anyone usher us into the
next generation of blood-sugar support?

Dr Fred Pescatore has a NEW IDEA

Four years ago, I met a man whose life centered around making health easy.

Now it’s your turn to meet the man who sees a very promising and easy future for blood-sugar control…

He’s a celebrated doctor, and he’s brilliant.

After acing medical school, he quickly became the president of The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists…

He’s been featured on The Today Show, ABC News, Fox News, The View, and The Rachel Ray shows in the US…

He’s the best-selling author behind the blood-sugar bible,” The Hamptons Diet and Thin For Good

He currently operates one of the most sought-after medical practices in New York City, healing Hollywood’s famous, foreign dignitaries and anyone in need of new answers…

And that’s what strikes me most about Dr Fred Pescatore, his compassion for his patients. He listens when you speak and one thing he hears over and over is…

Why is blood-sugar support so hard?

But Dr Pescatore has been obsessed with understanding sugar science since he first stepped out of Columbia Medical School - and he long ago recognised a missing piece.

Now’s there something we can do!

THREE separate paths to lead you to
the next generation of blood-sugar support - 

All in one place

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is designed to help simplify your blood-sugar management.

It works by breaking down barriers other formulas constantly struggle to overcome.

That’s because they’re based on OLD SCIENCE.

The TRUTH - If you do nothing today - nothing will change.

The fact that you’ve made it this far tells me you realise - something is missing.

You’ve banished the sweets…
You sweat like a triathlete…
And you've even tried natural blood-sugar protection before…

But you’re treading water and how long can you keep it up?

FINALLY - there is something DIFFERENT

Altogether, the amount of in vivo, in vitro and placebo-controlled studies each of these three revelations has tallied up will make your head spin.

Personally, I’ve never seen a more well-researched line-up for a natural blood-sugar protector.

But again - FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is turning the tables on everything we know about how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Take a look at the way sugar science is changing…

It’s a GIGANTIC missing piece to keeping healthy blood sugar and we finally have something in place to help. Every dose of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is packed with the studied amount of 1,000mg of the nearly impossible to find, Glucevia.

Advanced Glycation End Products? Who knew about these? Not many - and that includes doctors.

But NOW with benfotiamine, you have a supercharged shield against these tiny monsters helping protect you day and night.

Sugar-manufacturing enzymes? That’s right. Scientific breakthroughs have shown - it’s not just what you eat, but how your body breaks it down that’s important.

Mulberry leaf extract is a multi-faceted, advanced nutrient. It tricks, it shuttles and oh yes, it even helps with the Missing Piece of the blood sugar equation.

And FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus  is packed with ALL THREE.

The science of how our bodies digest and deal with sugar is finally gaining traction - and along with it come a rush of new breakthroughs.

These are three of the biggest breakthroughs yet.

And just like that…


  Yes! I want to experience
COMPLETE CONTROL of my blood sugar

You now know more about sugar science
than 95% of doctors

And even better - you have the opportunity to do something with this knowledge.

With just 2 capsules.

That’s right - it’s just another amazing feat behind these new revelations. They’re so powerful and potent, two capsules is all you need.

Other formulas will cram puny amounts of everything under the kitchen sink into dozens of capsules for you.

You might even think­, well…the more capsules the better, right?

Not so.

When you’re working with 3 of the most powerful blood-sugar revelations of this century... 

You simply don’t need anything else.

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus works best when taken directly before a meal. You can take the two capsules at once - you can split them up over the course of two meals, whatever suits you best.

But no matter how you take them - it is fast and most importantly, easy.

And what can you expect to feel?

Confidence, TRIUMPH, and most importantly - REAL RELIEF.

In fact…

A Special Message from Dr Pescatore

Dear Friend,

            I’ve been practising medicine for over 20 years - and I’ve been obsessed with the ever-evolving state of sugar science for even longer.

            When one of my patients becomes concerned with maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels, I like to sit down and talk with them as soon as I can.

            Because as you know - everything changes.

            There’s work. There are schedules to maintain, routines you must uphold. Spur-of-the-moment plans seem like a thing of the past and when you do slip-up - a heavy sense of guilt can wash over you.

            At the end of the day, you’re tired to the toes and your frustration with the whole thing can slowly boil over.

            You might think, is it really going to be this hard forever?

            Friend - I want you to know - I’ve found something.  It’s an incredible advancement in sugar support, one I wasn’t sure we would ever find. It’s safe, it’s natural, it’s potent and powerful and most importantly, it’s specifically designed to address an aspect of blood sugar protection I long ago labeled, “the missing piece.”

            With this in place, surging through your body, maintaining healthy, confident blood sugar can be easy.

            I’ve never been more excited about a discovery—and I’m proud to say, along with my team, I have paired it with two of the most dependable supporters known to science. 
            Don’t live with the frustration another moment. Read on and share the excitement with me. I know you’ll be glad you did.

                                                                                                          Dr Fred Pescatore


Just 5 WEEKS from now -
ask yourself a question…

Do I feel better about my sugar health?

When you focus on just these THREE simplifying secrets, rather than the laundry list some other formulas expect you to take…

 You can easily notice the difference - with no guessing and no splitting hairs.

And wouldn’t that be nice?

All you have to do is try FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus and ask yourself, do I feel better about my sugar health in 5 weeks’ time.

You might not need that long at all - but it’s all Dr Pescatore is asking.

He’s so confident this will become your trusted formula you wouldn’t dare be without…

Every single bottle comes with FSPNutritionals’…

Signature Iron Clad Guarantee 
Every bottle of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is guaranteed to
simplify your blood-sugar battle - 
or you can easily return it (even if the bottles are empty) for a refund of the full purchase price 

Anytime within 60 days - we are so eager to unleash this breakthrough, we're making the decision as easy as possible for you (like everything else about this formula!).

If you ever question the worth of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus in your life (and you won’t after experiencing it), just  return your unused portion (even an empty bottle) and we’ll refund your purchase price.

That’s it. It can't get any simpler.

But guess what else is easy…

Taking just 2 capsules a day and…

Supporting your blood sugar, your liver, your kidneys, your nerves, your eyes and more!

FEELING A LEAP in confidence because you’re seeing the results you want - and you never knew it could be so simple or…

Rushing into your doctor’s office and proclaiming - “Why didn’t you tell me it could be this easy!?”

There are so many ingredients, so many theories, so many people telling you, “do this,” “DON’T do that…”

It’s absolutely mind-boggling.


FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus FINALLY tackles the 
missing piece doctors are ignoring!

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is the only product available to you today gathering ALL THREE in one place.

You can take a look for yourself - no one has done their homework like Dr Pescatore and that’s why everything else is sorely behind the curve.

It’s premium. It’s different. And you can expect to feel the difference.

And in case you’re curious - each one of the breakthrough revelations found within FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus is triple checked for quality.

Dr Pescatore reviews the science and mechanisms to ensure it’s sound and safe…

Our manufacturers are trusted and practice the latest Good Manufacturing Procedures mandated by the industry…

And samples are quality checked personally in-house before a bottle ever makes it into your cabinet.

If safety is a concern, as it should be, you can rest assured our premium breakthrough is safe from start to finish thanks to FSPNutritional’s rigorous standards.

That’s why we are putting our IRON CLAD SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on every bottle and asking you to try it for just 5 weeks.

Your health deserves a different answer

It’s NEW and it’s premium, but if you’re still wasting your time and money on the same “solutions” doctors have been offering for decades...

It’s time to take the next step.

And the next step is BEAUTIFUL.

If it feels like…

The treadmill torture is getting you nowhere in a hurry…

The tips and tricks your family forces you to endure are only making your head spin…

Or you’re asking yourself one BIG question every day…

Why is blood-sugar support so hard!?

You will fall in love with the power of FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus.

FSPNutritionals' Gluco-Control Plus finally addresses this missing piece like nothing ever has.

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Antoinette Pombo

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